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Mel Robbins Cured Her Anxiety with These Simple Brain Hacks

By September 27, 2017 No Comments
By Michelle Strand

5-4-3-2-1. It can’t be that easy. Or can it?

Mel Robbins is the queen of transformation. I mean, how many people go from lawyer to unemployed to TV host to TEDx speaker to viral sensation? That’s a lotta transformation!

She must just be really smart and talented and lucky to be successful in so many different arenas, right? Well yes, she’s definitely smart and talented (#fangirl over here). But what really skyrocketed her success wasn’t luck, talent, or timing. It was one 5 second decision.

In the latest episode of The Sheroic Podcast, Mel explains how you can get up and get what you want in life…and it only takes 5 seconds. Mel not only used this strategy to kickstart her next career move, she used it to cure herself of anxiety. Now THAT’S a Shero!!

If retraining your brain sounds like an aggressive starting off point, Mel shared about 947 other tips to rid yourself of anxiety and live your happiest life!

Here are the five moments I nearly veered off the 405 because I was nodding along so hard. Don’t worry, I’m fine. Michelle: 1. Highway Patrol: 0.

  1. Stay away from people that deplete you. Now, this isn’t always easy. Especially if the person depleting you is your boss, your mom, or even worse, the person blocking the escalator when you’re 15 minutes late with coffee running down your shirt. How many times have you tried to change these people? How many times has it worked? Save yourself and create some healthy distance – psychological and/or physical.
  2. Spend more time with people that energize you. This seems obvious, right? I think we’ve all said, “let’s get coffee soon!” and end up actually seeing each other four years later in the Trader Joe’s parking lot. Life can sometimes seem to hectic for coffee dates, but life is never too hectic for good friendships. And what friendship isn’t strengthened over a good latte?! There is no shame in prioritizing the people that lift YOU up.
  3. Don’t take the bait. There will ALWAYS be people that play emotional games with you, intentional or not. At the end of the day, you’re 100% responsible for your reaction, regardless of how tempting the bait is. Don’t feed them!
  4. It’s not about you! How many of you have worked yourselves into a near panic attack after you thought your coworker gave you a stank face from across the room? I’m certainly guilty. “What did I do?! Was it because I didn’t ask about her weekend? Did she expect an invitation to lunch? I thought she hated Mexican food!” Sound familiar? The conversations that play in our heads distract us what’s actually happening. Maybe she had an argument with her family that morning. Maybe she’s super sore from her Pop Pilates class. Maybe her office mate brought day old sushi again. You never know.
  5. Figure out what you’re anxiety triggers are. Is there a time of day you get extra anxious? Perhaps it’s around a certain person? Maybe it’s before a weekly meeting? Knowing what sets off your anxiety gives you the power to work on it. If it’s a person that’s giving you anxiety, refer to the top of this list! If a work situation is causing stress, think about what you can do beforehand to prevent it. But if that anxiety hits, just count down 5-4-3-2-1 and refocus.

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