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By Molly McClary

Body image is something almost every single woman on earth has struggled with at some point in their lives! Most of us are trying to reach a place of balance where we can look in the mirror and love and accept every single imperfection that we see. Notice that this doesn’t say “accept that you are perfect”. Let’s call a spade a spade!!!…Perfection is merely a myth that we all fail to accomplish!!!! So why on earth do we set ourselves up for failure? Why do we set goals we actually know we can never achieve?

At its core, body image is not even a physical thing—it’s a mental one. Think about that for a second… Body image has little to do with what you actually look like but EVERYTHING to do with how you actually think about yourself.  In order to change this you have to:

  •  Switch your focus from negative talk to positive talk.
  • Understand what your body can actually do for you.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.

Love What Your Body Provides

Let’s take a guess, right now when you look back in the mirror you point out every “flaw” you have? Are we right? Instead of obsessing over the things you hate, tell yourself every day 3 things you actually like about your body!! Write it down, set alarms, stick post-it notes all over the house… Whatever it takes to start shifting the habit of negative self-talk! As Einstein says, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result”! If you want to start changing the way you look at yourself then you MUST MUST MUST change your habits and patterns of negative talk! Simple as!

Also it is imperative that you stop looking at your body as an object and start looking at it as a tool! Ask yourself “what can it do for you?” Now we know what you are thinking…“What on earth does that even mean?” It’s fun to say. It makes for a good t-shirt or IG post! But it’s not actionable! Basically ask yourself this… what do you enjoy doing physically? Dancing? Yoga? Skipping? Whatever it is, see your body as a facilitator in that enjoyment and the better you serve your body, the better it will serve you. The simple shift of looking at your body’s “usability” rather than as an object will subtly shift your thoughts into a positive space.

Of course, that also doesn’t mean giving up! We shouldn’t look in the mirror and say, “Oh, body positivity, cool. I’m going to sit on the sofa, eat junk food and zone out.” If you truly are trying to make a change in your life and have dreams and goals then remember this… whether you want to build your own company or be the best mother on earth…The body is a reflection of the mind! And to achieve your dreams you must work on getting strong in both areas!

Find Your Tribe of Sheroes

The first step to changing your body image, is to find someone like-minded who is going through the same thing and help each other. You’ll end up learning a lot about yourself! Maybe there’s another girl out there going through the same thing. Then, you can help each other. Like we always say:

  • Surround yourself with positive people who support and inspire you. Negativity is like a slow dose of poison in your food! It wont kill you but very slowly it will start to affect every aspect of your health.
  •  Be your authentic self! If someone can’t handle that, it’s time to distance yourself! PERIOD!

Another incredible key to changing your body image is finding people who value you for who you are. Having people remind you of all the AMAZING things you have to offer, again shifts the negative talk in your head and reinforces that you are more than just a “shell”.

We’re not saying this is easy. Social groups can be tricky. It can be hard and weird and when you’re young, everything is heightened and magnified. So you have to try your best to remove yourself from negative situations.

Body image is one of those subjects that I think we can dive into endlessly and we will definitely do more episodes on this. We’ve just touched the surface of this topic!

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